Volgens Bartjens Ontwikkeling en Onderzoek

Peilingsonderzoek rekenen-wiskunde in het basisonderwijs - Balans van 25 jaar PPON

In dit artikel benadrukken de auteurs het belang van het ontwerp van PPON en gaan zij in op de lessen die geleerd kunnen worden op basis van die uitkomsten voor de inrichting en het ontwerp van toekomstig peilingsonderzoek bij rekenen-wiskunde.


The National Assessment (PPON) exists over 25 years. The aims of this assessment is to offer an empiric fundament for discussion over content, quality and level of eductation.
In this study we emphasise the importance of the design of PPON. Hence we pay attention to the lessons learned, based on the results, for the design of National Assessment in the future. In this study there is a comparison between the disign of PPON and other large scale assessments like TIMSS and PISA. In the end we take a look at the future of PPON.

The conclusions below can be drawn based on the results of the mathematics assessments of PPON in the last 25 years:

  • The dynamism in the mathematics ability was huge
  • To observe this dynamism it is crucial to choose the correct detailed design
  • Effects will be covered up when a less detailed design is administered

The ground discussion on the mathematics ability in the Netherlands was only made possible by the detailed design of PPON.

bron: Volgens Bartjens - ontwikkeling en onderzoek, 35(4), 41-50
auteur: Van Weerden, J., Janssen,J. & Scheltens, F. (2016)
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